Mattia Filippi UnderTheSky 2010

15 Feb

Balmy starlit summer skies is something that we all can relate to in one way or another. For me personally it brings back many happy memories of the nights I spend star gazing, searching for the falling star to make all my wishes come true:-) Looking up up at the twinkling stars light years away from here, always made me feel quite small yet also very important. In the warmth of the night, and enveloped by stardust I was a princess in my own fairy tale which held at least 1001 possibilities!

Whilst in Italy a few month ago my friend Magda and I had dinner with a young winemaker from Trentino and his beautiful also winemaker fiancée. Over pizza I found out that one night Mattia had been sitting on the hill with Rosella in their pocket sized vineyard gazing at the stars and dreaming of the future. And all at once he felt that he just had to make an as natural as possible single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon from the 5 rows of old vines planted there. He felt that a hand crafted small volume “natural” wine would bring out the true expression of the terroir and knew he just had to follow his dream. Continue reading 

Halfway around the world for a bottle of Viu Manent’s Secreto

8 Feb

When we crossed into Northern Chile at Arica, it was obvious that we were in a wine-rich country. Wine is a part of everyday Chilean life. The young couple camping at Pta. Camarones near Cuya immediately offered us a drink however, not before pouring some wine on the ground to toast their Chilean ancestors. This wonderful introduction to wine continued throughout our travels along Pan-American Highway, Ruta 5 south through the Atacama Desert to Central Chile’s wine region.

The Colchagua Valley Wineries

Located 80 miles south west of Santiago, the Colchagua Valley wineries are so easy to visit, at a very relaxed pace. We took three days to tour some of its wineries. There are many good wineries, restaurants and hotels in this wine region. On the first day we stopped by Viu Manent Viña for lunch and wine tasting.

Uncorked by Christian

Viu Manent Viña

Viu Manent Viña has three vineyards San Carlos de Cunaco, La Capilla and El Olivar. Viu Manent Viña’s emphasis in its vineyards is on sustainability. We especially liked the Secreto de Viu Manent – a blend of 85% Malbec and the remaining 15% is a secret. Continue reading 

Catcher of the Eye: Ridge Geyserville

1 Feb

Let me take you back some years, my wine interest started in the 90’s about the same time I moved to the big city, getting a job. Suddenly I could afford to buy better wine, not just looking for the next buzz but to experience something getting there. Soon I got hooked on the game, wanting more, wanting better, seeking new kicks. At the time it was Hermitage wines and Alsace Rieslings that got my heart started, I still like those wines especially with 15-20 years of maturity on them.

When I left the 9-5 world to return to university, more than half of a decade would pass before wine piqued my interest again. I was seeking a new wine identity, getting tips from wine magazines and the few blogs available. I pride myself in learning about wines and rarely buy wines based on the labels… until I found Ridge.

2003 Ridge Geyserville uncorked by Todd

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