20% off Oriel Wines

8 May

We recently made friends with the folks at Oriel Wines in New York City. The company sources boutique wines from independent winemakers around the world and help these winemakers get discovered.

Interested in giving their wine a try? Oriel Wines has offered all Corkbin users 20% off on their wines. Simply use ‘CORKBIN20‘ voucher code at checkout and start sampling these handmade, drinkable indulgences.

Can’t decide what to try? Oriel has put together a special 4-bottle pack containing our favorite reds from their offering.

Not quite ready to commit to 4 bottles? The 2003 L’Exception is a particularly great value and shouldn’t be missed!


Récolte Noire – Blanc De Noirs N.V., Dosnon & Lepage

26 Apr

I’m at the 2012 Champagne Bureau Tasting, and after a well staged and prolonged campaign I am in the throws of palate fatigue. It would takes something special to rally the troops now, and moving to the Dosnon & Lepage stand, this is exactly what I find.

On this vinous voyage so far, I have scaled the heights of La Montagne de Reims and spanned the breadth of La Vallée de la Marne, but with Dosnon and Lepage’s Récolte Noire, I now find myself in the uncharted district of the Aube, and more specifically La Côtes des Bar.

Sixty miles from Epernay and boasting no Premier or Grand Crus, the Aube is very much the black sheep of champagne that has strayed from the flock, and this is mirrored in the ethos of Dosnon & Lepage; a small boutique house very much penning their own script, and to understand the Récolte Noire, it is a story we must hear. Continue reading 

Corkbin featured in The Daily

21 Apr

As a reader of The Daily, you can imagine my pleasure and excitement to be sipping on my morning coffee, reading the Tech and Apps section and stumbling upon a review of Corkbin for iPhone in a special wine feature.

Many thanks to The Daily for their kind words – and I hope that your friend enjoys that pinot 😉

For those of you who don’t have an iPad / read the daily, content below: