Catcher of the Eye: Ridge Geyserville

1 Feb

Let me take you back some years, my wine interest started in the 90’s about the same time I moved to the big city, getting a job. Suddenly I could afford to buy better wine, not just looking for the next buzz but to experience something getting there. Soon I got hooked on the game, wanting more, wanting better, seeking new kicks. At the time it was Hermitage wines and Alsace Rieslings that got my heart started, I still like those wines especially with 15-20 years of maturity on them.

When I left the 9-5 world to return to university, more than half of a decade would pass before wine piqued my interest again. I was seeking a new wine identity, getting tips from wine magazines and the few blogs available. I pride myself in learning about wines and rarely buy wines based on the labels… until I found Ridge.

2003 Ridge Geyserville uncorked by Todd

It was love at first sight and the love was mutual – I loved the label, it just said buy me, drink me, put me in your wine-cellar. The label is clean, it’s classy, it’s direct and eye-catching. Now I had my doubts, hadn’t drunk much from this new world country being an old world geezer and the Zinfandels I tried during the 90’s had only tasted like jam. This wine was something else – lots of flavors, well balanced, elegant and lots of joy. It was just what I was looking for a wine to fall in love with. It was a Ridge Geyserville, a 2003 if I remember correctly. It opened up a new world for me, and from this point on I decided to be more open to new countries, new grapes ie new experiences – but most of all make sure to know what to buy and most of that info I’ve found on-line. I’ve also continued buying Ridge wines over the years – so I still got a 2003 or two left in my celler!

– My name is Magnus Reuterdahl, I’m from Sweden and I love wine:)

2003 Ridge Geyserville was the wine that got Magnus into wine blogging. You can visit his blogs Aqua Vitae (in Swedish) and  Testimony of a Wine Junkie (in English).

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