On the 6th Day of Christmas…

30 Dec

Now, calling Vodafone your true love may seem a bit far some, but we’re pretty darn happy with them and I’m betting that the residents of the Czech Republic will be too because today, Vodafone gave them Corkbin!

Vodafone is running a Christmas campaign where on each of the 12 days of Christmas, they give their users a free App. So – courtesy of Vodafone Czech, Corkbin is now free!

In the Czech Republic, go check out the Vodafone 12 days of Christmas App & download Corkbin for free. Shhh.. but for any of you outside of the Czech Republic, we’ve decided to make it free for everyone this Christmas, so get downloading!

I hope you enjoyed as much great wine this Christmas as we did and I’ll leave you with this rather-amusing Czech-language Vodafone commercial from last year… at least, I’m told it’s amusing!


See you in 2012,

The Corkbin Team

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